6 Tips for Running while it's Raining

6 Tips for Running while it’s Raining

Have you ever tried running while it is raining? It can be both tough and challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Running in the rain can actually be extremely fun. Don’t believe me? Ok, fine, but I have some tips to share that will hopefully change your outlook on running in the rain. Because if you follow these tips, I guarantee that your next time in the rain will be a whole lot better.


#1 Dress up in layers of clothing

If it is cold and raining outside, you should consider dressing up in multiple layers of clothes. The most important layer is the first because this is next to your skin. Make sure you are wearing a polypropylene or CoolMax when you run. Why you ask. Well, it is for the simple fact that this type of garment has the ability to wick away perspiration and consequently, eliminate that icky feeling of stickiness and wetness. Thus, if you ultimately decide not to use a running gear that wicks away wetness, you can expect to feel cold and shiver when running?

This is also the reason for why you should make it a point to wear a water-resistant and windbreaker jacket as your final layer when it is raining. However, you should at all cost avoid wearing a water-resistant rain slicker as it tends to trap heat and moisture. This again might eventually lead to some serious health problems if you continue running on these apparels.


#2 Put on a hat while you run

Although running in the rain can be fun, it can also be a bit dangerous. This is why you should make sure to put on a hat while running. By doing this you keep the rain off your face and eliminate the risk of falling or stumbling while on the tracks.


#3 Do not overdo your running attire

The perhaps most common mistake a runner makes is to wear more layers of clothes than he or she should. Therefore, I am going to reveal a little secret to you; your clothes will not actually keep you completely dry. The only way to be completely dry is to run with an umbrella, but seriously, who would want to do that? So the more thick layers you have, the more you will get wet. Running doesn’t exactly get any easier when you have to bear a couple of extra pounds just because of the rain water soaking up in your clothes. The secret here is to dress for the temperature. Always check the weather before deciding on what to wear for running!

#4 Don’t be afraid to be seen

You may be of the shy type, but that isn’t an excuse for not being seen while you run. Remember to choose an outer layer of clothes that will show reflective strips or that are brightly colored. This way, even though you may not be able to see what is in front of you, those coming towards you, will see you and avoid crashing into you.


#5 Don’t care about the rain and just run, run!

Did you know that runners say the most interesting part of running is when the rain is just about to start? Why? Well, it is because the moment you start running, your body warms up and will eventually enjoy the run despite the fact that the rain is pouring down. Another good thing about this is that it gives you the right kind of preparation you need for your running competitions. So just get out there and run!


#6 Remember your shoes

When you have finally finished a wet run, don’t forget to immediately remove your running shoes and fill them up with crumbled newspaper rolled into balls. By doing this you are guaranteed running shoes in tip-top shape, almost unaffected by the rain.


Follow these tips and I guarantee your next run in the rain will be a whole lot more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Get on your running shoes and sprint out into the rain!

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